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Photos of a loving family

Our photographer came to us and fearlessly stepped in the (mostly) controlled mayhem that comes with any family of seven living together in a single room far from home the day before a major surgery. At that point we had been in and out of hospitals for the past 9 months and were very tired. We felt that our entire existence was imposing on people for help and asking for special accommodations.

Ultimately our sweet Kameah passed; her little body was simply not able to endure both her illness and the aggressive treatments required. We have grieved and we will continue to miss our angel. Thanks to the kind people of Soulumination that give of their time and talents, we have beautiful visual memories of not only our Kameah but also our entire family. They are the only professional photos we have of our entire family, which are literally irreplaceable.

We came to understand that Soulumination did something amazing with the photos; they made Kameah§s fight a family affair by individualizing the connection between Kameah and her siblings. The photos were not of a sick baby but a loving family. The shoot was not about her fight, but our fight, our struggle, our bonds. The photos remind us that though we were tired, we were also strong, resilient, and blessed by the opportunity we had to grow as a family.

I know from personal experience that Soulumination photographers and staff do everything they can to make the family and patient comfortable while creating visual treasures of not just a family, but of a time, a moment where love, fear, strength, sickness, science, faith, and hope collide, where the future is uncertain and the present overwhelming. The willingness of Soul photographers to step into the midst of this environment and offer the family a moment of peace is both courageous and an inspiring example of love. Thank you Lynette for your vision and for the realization of a dream to help. You are all truly helping and giving more than you know!

The Hubschman Clan
Patrick, Holly, Nylene, Kellan, Riana, Kiernan, and Kameah

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