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Priceless treasures capture a family together

Thank you for your support of Soulumination! Your contributions help Soulumination continue to provide their professional photography services free of charge. Below is a letter from a family that recently benefited from their work:

I can’t remember if I actually emailed you or just thought of it almost every day since we received the gorgeous photo albums in the mail.

We absolutely love them and I know they are priceless treasures that captured us at no better time. My three girls will treasure the photos and the very sweet handmade accordion albums for a lifetime. Thank you so much!

My husband had his one month post surgery MRI and for a week we thought that the chaos in the scans was showing what doctors thought was pseudo progression. Unfortunately a full review from a cancer board revealed a more dire conclusion, that what the doctors at Virginia Mason were seeing was actually progression of the existing inoperable tumor. We were gifted a family vacation to Hawaii and dropped everything to rearrange our travel for next week while he’s still functioning well. He is on heavy steroids and bloated and uncomfortable very much; not the same as even he was when we met Amanda.

As a photographer with many photographer friends it was requested and thought of more than once to get family photos taken and I can say there is no way I would have been able to research or consider it, nor was I in any frame of mind to be taking them myself. Amanda was amazing and so fun to be around. Her work is beautiful!! And the presentation is so perfect, love the prints and the personalized mini’s and the box of prints. Everything we could need.

Thank you doesn’t begin to describe my gratitude for my friends who found you and the timing of this gift.

Thanks and love and blessings to you all!

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