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A precious gift from Soulumination

This note is accompanied by our sincere gratitude.

I’d like to share with you how your generous gift allows Soulumination to continue to serve families.

Following the birth of our identical twin boys, it became evident that the twin’s journey couldn’t be more different. Where Emmett thrived, his brother Mercer’s health progressively became more complicated and challenging. For seven months we worked with medical professionals to try to heal Mercer’s fragile body with the hope of bringing him home from the hospital. Our hopes unfortunately were never realized.

When it finally became clear that little Mercer’s life was destined to be short, we were introduced to Soulumination and to its founder/photographer Lynette Johnson. Lynette joined us at Mercer’s bedside to capture on film one of the few times our entire family of five was all together. Lynette created a precious gift in the portfolio of images she made while documenting our life with little Mercer in the weeks before his passing.

While the scent, warmth and softness of Mercer’s delicate body is gone, we can still recall and envision the memories of our time together through these photographs. The warm and compassionate images Lynette captured for us during her visit are among the few mementos we have to take us back to our days together with little Mercer as a family. The photos also provide a way for his surviving twin, Emmett, and older brother Ashton to connect with their departed brother. Today, those images have a special place in our home and represent closest realization of having Mercer at home with us.

From our hearts, we thank you for supporting families like ours through Soulumination.

Heidi & David B.

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